Lineage II
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 3rd class change for Soul Hound

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PostSubject: 3rd class change for Soul Hound   3rd class change for Soul Hound Icon_minitimeThu Jan 24, 2008 6:24 pm

Saga of the Soul HOund

Leverl 76

3rd Class change to SOuld HOund

1. Go to the Isle of Souls and meet with Hierach Kekropus

2. Go to Goddard and seek out Warehouse Chief Mona. She is in the left corner of the warehouse (left from where you enter the wh)

3. Now go to the Blacksmith in Goddard which almost straight on the other side of the WH. He of course sends you on a new task which is getting an Ice Crystal for him from Chef Jeremy in teh Hot Springs.

4. Once you got ur Ice Crystal go back to Noel and then back to Mona in the WH

5. Back at Mona ..... you will receive your first Resonance Amulet and make your way to the 1st Tablet of Vision.

6. Enchanted Valley North between 39/40 close to 44 on map

7. Go to the next Tablet in the Valley of Saints, talk with the Tablet it will tell you that you need the Amulet of the Guardiands of Forbidden Knowledge. Kill the Angels around the Tablet till u get the Amulet. South below the word OF

8. Off to Tablet number 3 talk with it will tell you someone nearby has the amulet. It will spawn an angel kill it t get the amulet and speak again the tablet.

9. For the 4th Tablet travel to Rune to Head Blacksmith Lombert ... talk with him he will send you to either ally with the Verka Silenos or the Ketra Orcs... once you reached the required alliance level get your
Divine Stone of Wisdom. Give him the Stone and u get the 4th amulet..

Speak with the Tablet- insert the amulet etc..

10. And once again we are in search of the next amulet this time we have to search in the Swamp of Screams from a Kamael Warrior.
If its daytime just run to the Swamp from the 4th tablet as you wont have any monsters in the Devil's Pass. He will tell you to hunt in the Wall of Argos. Hunt there or in the
Imperial Tomb to get the Quest monster to spawn you will ahe to kill 701 of the monsters listed below. Dont scroll out as the 5th Tablet is right around the corner if you near the Shrine of Loyalty

11. This Tablet you will find in the Forest of the Dead. Talk with the Tablet there and 2 NPC's will spawn an angel and Katenar help the kamael to defeat the angel then
talk with the kamael. Once your done with this return to the Isle of Souls to Hierach Kekropus.

12. Back in the Kamael home town ..

13. CONGRATULATIONS you are a Soul Hound!

You get 5,000,000 adena and Book of Giants

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3rd class change for Soul Hound
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