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 Class Choices

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PostSubject: Class Choices   Class Choices Icon_minitimeThu Jan 24, 2008 5:31 pm

The Kamael are a new dark-attributed race. Because of their dark nature, healing magic is less effective when used on them.
Similar to Gladiators and Tyrants, they have to use a charging system to use their skills and it shows up in the buff bar:

A taken soul

Souls can be absorbed via a corpse or you can sacrifice a little bit of HP to get it.

As a Kamael, you start out on Soul Island in Kamael Village. Your classes depend on the sex that you choose when creating your character but they do share several classes; the Soldier, the Soulbreaker and the Soul Hound.

Kamael Class Tree

These skills are unique to Kamael and cannot be subbed. Similarly, the Kamael cannot sub a class other than another Kamael class.
Also, after a Kamael has leveled two subclasses to 75, their is a hidden third sub-class that a Kamael can sub.

Soul Breakers specialize in high magic battle abilites, but also have decent physical battle abilities. Their weapon of choice is the Rapier
The rapier is wielded with one hand, while the other hand is given special magic absorbing abilities. It's speculated that the Soul Breakers use slain enemies souls instead of MP.
The Blink Skill allows the Soul Breaker to teleport within the area, making suprise attacks possible (even if your enemies run third-party apps). Reaction of Divinity causes different damage and effects depending on what buffs and debuffs the target has.
Steal Divinityh allows you to steal buffs/debuffs from an opponent.
And Triple Pierce is a 3 attack physical attack move.

Soul Breaker with Rapier

Berserkers specialize in high physical attack abilities. Using a two handed sword as a main weapon, they have the ability to charge toward enemies quickly. They're similar to Destroyers but have "surpass" them in battle ability.
They have skills such as Storm Assault, which attacks an area by charging into them; and Disarm, which liteerally disarms an enemies weapon and puts it into their inventory.

Berserker using Storm Assault

Arbalesters specialiaze in long range attacks. They use crossbows and bow-guns as their main weapon and utilizes marksmenship and traps in battle.
One of their skills is Decoy. Inwhich they create a copy of themselves and have the enemy attack that copy.
Also, the Trap skills allow a Arbalester to set up traps such as Slow, Lose Target, and Poison.
Rise Shot requires a Bow Gun which does AoE by shooting into the ground.
Finally, Bionic Boom plants a bomb, and blows up the target and any surrounding enemies.

Male Class Tree

.......................... Berserker> DoomBringer
Soldier> Trooper>
........................... SoulBreaker> Soul Hound

Female Class Tree

.............................. Inspector > Judicator
Soldier > Warder >.. Arbalester > Trickster
.............................. Soulbreaker > Sould HOund

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Class Choices
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