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 Fortress/Castles/Clan Halls

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PostSubject: Fortress/Castles/Clan Halls   Fortress/Castles/Clan Halls Icon_minitimeThu Jan 24, 2008 6:04 pm

Castle Sieges

Sieges are no longer free-for-alls. When a siege
starts, everybody becomes a member of the same alliance, preventing
friendly fire in and outside the castle.

Also, siege-hopping will be restricted with exp
penalties. When a registered player dies on the siege field that
they're registered for, they lose 1/4th of the normal exp loss they
normall would receive. If you're not signed up for that castle, they
will lose the normal amount of exp. Charms will also only work in the
siege field that you're signed up for.

New Castle Perks

Castles now produce items and perks similar to clan halls.
You can purchase race circlets, bracelets (Iron, Bronze and Steel),
t-shirts (up to 6), and talismans (as many as 52) from the Court
You also get HP/MP regeneration, exp restoration, teleportation, and support magic.

Fortress Sieges

In interlude, 21 fortresses were strewn across Aden. In CT1 they will finally be siegable.
Fortresses will be aquired in a way similar to clan hall sieges.
Depending on their locations, they are either small or large, and are
either border or territory fortresses. Castle Siege friendly-fire
restrictions and exp penalties will be in effect during a Fortress
Siege. A clan that owns a castle cannot own a fortress, and vise-versa.

A fortress siege lasts for one hour, and can happen once every four hours one day a week.
After an opposing clan signs up to siege the fortress at a "Suspicious
Saler" during the registration time (Level 4 clan or higher), the
fortress owning clan receives a screen message that they have 60
minutes to get to the fortress to defend it. Also, any other clan that
would like to try and take it have 50 minutes to sign up or cancel your
siege. After that time, the Suspicious Saler will dissappear and the
fortress siege will start the 10 minute countdown.

When the siege starts, the area around the Fortress
will be considered a siege field and registered clans can create a
siege headquarters inside that field. Inside the fortres, anywhere from
3 to 5 camps (depending on the fortress size) and a command camp in the
To capture camp, you have to kill each commander of the
camp or you need to turn off the power in the Control room. After the
first camp falls, you have 10 minutes to destroy the other camps to
make the Command Camp's gates open for the final battle. Otherwise, the
commander NPC's will reappear and you need to start over.
If you capture all the camps, the Command Camp's doors will open and 3
Fortress-Flags will appear inside the Command Camp. A registered player
needs to grab the flag and place it in the flag pole at the top of the
Command Camp, the clan wins the fortress. The flag gives the character
2 skills, an active and passive skill:
1) Flag Equipment: Decreases a players run speed (passive)
2) Raise Flag: Allows you to place the flag in the flag pole (active)

The alternative way to take a fortress is to shut down
the Control Room. A control room is only available in large fortresses
and you need a Maestro or Warsmith to shut it down.
First, the
registered dwarves have to go around and turn off the sub power systems
(indicated with HP bars) to block the power that's going into the
Control Room. When all the sub power systems are down the
warsmith/maestro receives a "Control Room Access Card" which allows
access to the Control Room.
Using the Control Room Access Card, the dwarves can proceed to shut off
the main power. When main power is down, the fortress is won.

When a fortress is won, an ambassador is sent from that
territories castle and offers amnesty. The new clan can decide either
declare an oath to the castle or stay independent. .
If the fortress is a border fortress, ambassadors will arrive from all
the neighboring territories, and you can choose which castle (if any)
to pledge to. You have one hour after the siege to do this.

Fortress Perks

When you win a fortress, you earn 300 Clan Points. If it's taken from another clan, you receive 300 points from that clan.
Through the manager in the Command Camp, you can activate exp loss
reduction (like in clan halls), area teleports, support magic, and clan
You can also receive various items from the Supply Captain NPC such as
bracelets, T-shirts, talismans, as well as purchase knight unit and
guard unit skills with clan points. Also, you will receive Clan Points
proportional to the length of time you've held the fortress.
If you've contracted with a castle you can get a larger number of
guards (for the next siege), a larger number of supply items from the
Supply Captain, and learn additional Guard and Knight unit skills.

Contracted State

Those clans who decide to sign the contract with the
castle will become a contracted state. Fortress owned clans under a
contracted state pay taxes to the chosen territory every 6 hours
automatically from the clan warehouse. If the clan warehouse doesn't
have enough adena, they will be switched to an Independent State
All management facilities will be opened to the
fortress owning clan and supply items will be made available through
the Supply Captain. The items available from the Supply Captain depends
on the supply level. When the taxes are taken from your Clan Warehouse
your supply level increases automatically at the cost of 10 clan
points. This upgrades the items available from the Supply Captain.
The Supply level stops increasing after it reaches level 6 or when 10 points are unavailable, whichever comes first.
You will also have available to you via the Supply Captain, items required to level your clan to level 9.

Independent State

Those clans who decide not to come under the castles
rule will become an Independent State. Fortresses in their independent
state cannot upgrade their defense abilities for the next siege, and a
castle owning clan in the same territory can register for a fortress
siege (they just can't take it).
Fortress Management will be
restricted, and supply items will be unavailable. They can however,
partake in the instanced dungeon below the fortress named "Basement
Prison" to get fortress items.

Fortress Basement Prison
The Basement Camp NPC will allow you into the Basement
Prison only if you are in a party and are the party leader, once every
four hours. While there, you have 10 minutes to figh the raid boss or
it will dissapear.
If you kill the Raid Boss you will receive a "Badge of Knight" which
you can use to buy T-Shirts, Bracelets, and Talismans from the Manager

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Fortress/Castles/Clan Halls
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