Lineage II
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 I wish!........

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I wish!........ Empty
PostSubject: I wish!........   I wish!........ Icon_minitimeWed Jun 25, 2008 11:28 pm

That we could all join ONE server and stay there!

Sorry, but i seriously thank we would all love this new server l2Blaze since wer all hardcore dementia lovers..

Let me know when or if you guys will try it out! Ill log on and give you guys so much stuff..

I have found the best way possible to move crazy fast in these mid rate servers and I have so much already and more tahn willing to give you guys a lot of stuff! just let me know.
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I wish!........ Empty
PostSubject: Re: I wish!........   I wish!........ Icon_minitimeFri Jun 27, 2008 11:28 pm

I might stop by and have a look, i am still in "l2 free' mode Smile

But yeah, i am pondering getting back soon for sure. Its just one of those enforced breaks i think with all the cr*p that went down and all that. It would be nice if we all could stay and play together, we'll see.

I wish!........ 24885
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I wish!........
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