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 Mandatory Recipe Quest - Tower of Insolence

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Mandatory Recipe Quest - Tower of Insolence Empty
PostSubject: Mandatory Recipe Quest - Tower of Insolence   Mandatory Recipe Quest - Tower of Insolence Icon_minitimeThu Apr 17, 2008 7:02 pm

There are 2 quests i would like everyone to participate in;

Be aware these quests items open into alot of other items, it would be best if we put all the floor plans and ancient parchments into the CWH for one member to look after and be responsible for. This person would collect all the quest items for this and the Giants Cave quest and would turn in the items for recipes.

1. Begin the quest by talking to Warhouse Keeper Walderal. He asks you to hunt Corrupt Sages (3rd Floor), Erin Ediunces (4th Floor), Hallate's Inspectors (5th Floor), Messenger Angels (7th Floor), and Platinum Guardian Prefects (9th and 10th Floor) at the Tower Of Isolense.

2. While killing these mobs you will obtain ancient papyrus in you regular, not quest, inventory (so you can trade, setup shop, store them in warehouse, etc.). When you open the parchment by doubleclicking on it, it can open into many different items. I suggest you save a lot of the parchments before opening them as your inventory and warehouse space will quickly fill up with all of these items. Items the parchments open up into are:

Ancient Jokebook and Ancient Chain Letter- Essentially worthless, you can't turn them in for a quest reward, so just sell them to the shop; I have only gotten these from papyrus received when killing Messenger Angels
Musical Score: Theme of Battle
Musical Score: Theme of Love
Revelation of Seals 1-7 - Need complete set to turn in to Claudia Athebalt, North of Aden Castle Town for nightmare designs; turn in to Magister Desmond in Aden's Magic Guild for Majestic Designs
Ancient Epic 1-5 - Need complete set to turn in to Antique Dealer Patrin (in Grocery Store) in Oren Castle Town for Tallum Designs.
Imperial Genealogy 1-5 - Need complete set to turn in to Trader Holly in Aden Castle Town for Dark Crystal designs.
ToI Blueprint 1-13 - Need complete set to turn in to Warehouse Keeper Walderal. You choose either Dark Crystal, Tallum, Nightmare, or Majestic and then you randomly receive either a design or a recipe for the helm, boot, glove of the type you chose. Messenger Angels drop all blueprints except for floors 6 and 7, which drop on fifth floor from Hallate Inspectors.

Note that as of now, Walderal's text is bugged and if you choose the option "I have found many other things besides blueprints..." nothing happens. He is supposed to tell you the names of the other NPCs to bring the other sets to. NCSoft is aware of this bug and it is in the works to be fixed, or so I'm told.


Revelation of Seals Set (1-7): 4000 adena, Nightmare helm, boot, glove designs OR Majestic helm, boot, glove designs

Ancient Epic Set (1-5): 1-3 Tallum helm, boot, glove designs

Imperial Genealogy (1-5): 1-3 Dark Crystal helm, boot, glove designs

ToI Blueprint Set (1-13): Either a A-grade helm, boot, glove design, or a recipe. You choose which armor set you want, so that part is not random.

Random Rewards:

Musical Score: Theme of Battle; Musical Score: Theme of Love

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Mandatory Recipe Quest - Tower of Insolence
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