Lineage II
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 Truth Beyond the Gate (Both)

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PostSubject: Truth Beyond the Gate (Both)   Truth Beyond the Gate (Both) Icon_minitimeTue Jan 29, 2008 4:24 pm

Part 1

1. In Rune, go to Einhasad Temple (lower level) and speak to Priest Eliyah to get the quest. He'll tell you some gruesome stuff about human sacrifices in the Pagan Temple and asks if you really want to help him.
Truth Beyond the Gate (Both) Truthbeyondgate1uv8
Truth Beyond the Gate (Both) Truthbeyondgate1em5

2. Once you agree, he explains Priest Flauron in Rune is in charge of finding human sacrifices! You'll need to find him to get a Sacrifice Mark, the onlything that will get you inside the Pagan Temple.
Truth Beyond the Gate (Both) Truthbeyondgate1eg9
Truth Beyond the Gate (Both) Truthbeyondgate1dr4

3. Priest Flauron is located in the upper most area of Einhasad Temple.
Truth Beyond the Gate (Both) Truthbeyondgate1bq5

4. Priest Flauron will ask what you are doing there. Select "The Truth Beyond the Gate" from the quest list. Tell him you'd like to visit the temple.
Truth Beyond the Gate (Both) Truthbeyondgate1vo3

5. He gives you the Visitor's Mark. Lucky you. You may now enter the Pagen Temple. The entrance to the temple is the opening behind Priest Flauron.
Truth Beyond the Gate (Both) Truthbeyondgate1yd7

Part 2 (Through The Gate Once More)

1. Talk to priest Flauron on the upper right side ramp of the Einhasad temple in Rune (right side hallway upwards in front of the entrance to the temple on ground level)

2. He is a bit stubborn so you have to argue with him a bit. Finally he agrees to make a deal.
Truth Beyond the Gate (Both) Truthbeyondgate1qt3 Truth Beyond the Gate (Both) Truthbeyondgate1ox6

3. He sends you to Forest of the Dead to kill the necromancers and get 10 hearts.
Truth Beyond the Gate (Both) Truthbeyondgate1ah5
Truth Beyond the Gate (Both) Truthbeyondgate1lz0

4. They drop relatively fast so after you have got the hearts, return to Flauron and he gives you the Paganís Mark. He speaks a lot but pay attention to what he says about big parties Ė might come handy
Truth Beyond the Gate (Both) Truthbeyondgate1qe0
Truth Beyond the Gate (Both) Truthbeyondgate1so4
Truth Beyond the Gate (Both) Truthbeyondgate1ps2

K after that you can enter pagans temple which is under rune.


Seekers of the Holy Grail

1. Talk to High Priest Innocentin in the Mystic Guild of Einhasad Temple in Rune.
Truth Beyond the Gate (Both) Truthbeyondgate1ps1

2. He speaks about some bad guys set their eyes on the Grail of Splendour and asks if you will help to stop them.
Truth Beyond the Gate (Both) Truthbeyondgate1bw6

3. When you agree he sends you to hunt in Pagan Temple and bring him totems. In case you havenít been there yet, he advises to turn to Eliyah for access help (means the Truth Beyond the Gate quest)
Truth Beyond the Gate (Both) Truthbeyondgate1gv0
Truth Beyond the Gate (Both) Truthbeyondgate1gg6

The reward is unkown so far so go and find out Very Happy

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Truth Beyond the Gate (Both)
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