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 Information about Raid Bosses items

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PostSubject: Information about Raid Bosses items   Information about Raid Bosses items Icon_minitimeFri Jan 18, 2008 10:08 pm

Hello Legacy Members.

This section in this forum is for us to list all the raid items that we as a clan get from raid bosses. As we do more raids the list will get longer and we will have a greater chance of having a item that you would want. We are using a panel of three members that have voting rights on what is given out and to who some items may sit in the clan warehouse for quite awhile just because we have the does not mean it needs to be given out. Items that are giving out will be marked with the clan member name. The following clan members in the panel are Tsunam, Daekak and Dentauri we also have two alts in case we do not have three members on and those two are Isadorra and Boggie. Just because you in the clan does not mean you will get A grade or S grade right away

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Information about Raid Bosses items
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