Lineage II
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 Circlets for classes and races

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PostSubject: Circlets for classes and races   Circlets for classes and races Icon_minitimeSat Jan 26, 2008 6:27 pm

If you've ever wondered what that spot is for on the INV between the rings and earrings. Its for a circlet. Circlets are class specific so you need to check your class and be sure you acquire the correct one.

Blade Dancer, Spectral Dancer, Sword Singer, Sword Muse

Bow Master
Phantom Ranger, Ghost Sentinel, Silver Ranger, Moonlight Sentinel, Hawkeye, Sagittarius, Arbalester, Trickster

Dagger Master
Treasure Hunter, Adventurer, Abyss Walker, Ghost Hunter, Plainswalker, Wind Rider

Overlord, Dominator, Warcryer, Doomcryer, Prophet, Hierophant, Inspector, Judicator

Force Master
Gladiator, Duelist, Tyrant, Grand Khavatari

Bishop, Cardinal, Elven Elder, Evas Saint, Shillien Elder, Shillien Saint

Shield Master
Temple Knight, Evas Templar, Dark Avenger, Hell Knight, Paladin, Phoenix Knight, Shillien Knight, Shillien Templar
Warlock, Arcana Lord, Elemental Summoner, Elemental Master, Phantom Summoner, Spectral Master

Weapon Master
Berserker, Doombringer, Warlord, Dreadnought, Bounty Hunter, Fortune Seeker, Warsmith, Maestro, Soulbreaker, Soulhound, Destroyer, Titan

Sorcerrer, Archmage, Spellsinger, Mystic Muse, Necromancer, Soultaker, Spellhowler, Storm Screamer

Circlets are also race specific. If you want to see what they look like


Race specific circlets are available from fortress's and castles.

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Circlets for classes and races
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