Lineage II
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 New Areas to see

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New Areas to see Empty
PostSubject: New Areas to see   New Areas to see Icon_minitimeThu Jan 24, 2008 5:22 pm

New Areas

As with most updates, we get a few new areas in the first throne.


Iron Stronghold

Hellbound is the hideout of Verith, south of the Wastelands, in Gludio Territory. Hellbound will be the highest level hunting grounds in the game at Level 85+.
Hellbound doesn't give up it's secrets easily. The entrance of Hellbound is sealed by the Seal of Verith, and in order to enter the territory, you will have to contribute to defeating Verith's Forces.
When you first enter you enter blind. Once inside however, you can get a map of the area to help you navigate the fields.
Also similar to the Varka or Ketra quests, you gain a reputation with the natives of Hellbound depending on your actions. Depending on their favor upon you, you may be able to go to additional areas in Hellbound or even enter the Iron Stronghold, Verith's Refuge and meet Verith yourself (and fight her as a raid boss).


Normil Garden

Normil's Garden is a level 22 dungeon on Soul Island. To get into the garden, you have to be in a party with at least one Kamael that has the quest.

Normil Cave

Normil's Cave is a level 17+ Dungeon on Soul Island.

Kamael Village

The Kamael Village the Kamael starter village and is located on Soul Island west of the School of Dark Arts and the Gludio Territory.

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New Areas to see
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