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 Weapon and Armor Attributes in Kamael

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Weapon and Armor Attributes in Kamael Empty
PostSubject: Weapon and Armor Attributes in Kamael   Weapon and Armor Attributes in Kamael Icon_minitimeThu Jan 24, 2008 5:07 pm

Weapon and Armor Attributes

In the first throne, you will be able to add Elemental and holy/unholy defenses to your armor, as well as elemental and holy/unholy offenses to your weapons.

Attributes will be applied in a similar fashion as S grade weapon enchants: they can fail and they can only be applied to S or S80 weapons and armor. If you already have an attribute on your weapon and you fail the application of a new attribute you keep your former attribute, otherwise it will replace the former attribute.

In order to bestow an attribute to your weapon or armor, you will need Attribute Stones which can be obtained by mobs on the Island of Oracle and Hellbound:

Also, if you get a stone with the opposite attribute of what you want, you can trade it for the opposing element at an attribute NPC in towns. So if you get yourself an Earth stone, and you'd rather have wind defenses on your armor, you can trade it for a wind stone.

The attributes work in dual opposites. When an Earth based weapon hits a Wind based armor, the defender takes more damage, whereas an earth based weapon hitting an earth based armor deals less damage:
And for those of us who think we can just buff away the defense loss using buffs like Unholy Resist, we are wrong. A buff that goes against your defensive attribute is nulled. In otherwords, your attribute takes precidence over and of your buffs. On the bright side, if you have a buff of the same element (like you have water attributed armor and resist water) they stack.

Monsters are also affected by your attributed weapons and armor. A mob that's unholy will take more damage from your holy attributed sword (and I'm sure your holy weapon buff Wink) than just the weapon alone.

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Weapon and Armor Attributes in Kamael
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