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 Pets now in Kamael

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PostSubject: Pets now in Kamael   Pets now in Kamael Icon_minitimeThu Jan 24, 2008 5:05 pm


Pets will finally get a boost in the 1st Chaotic Throne. All pets can now evolve, and they've made it easier to level them.
Wolves will get special attention at level 55, when they evolve into a Black Maned Wolf. The new wolf will change in appearance, and size and will be able to learn skills at level 60, 65 and 70.

Also, the way pets aquire exp has changed. Instead of receiving exp based on their contribution to the battle, they will receive exp based on a percentage of the exp that the summoner earned. The exact percentage will be different depending on the pet's type.

Also, a new kind of pet "Agathion," which is a spirit creature type, will be able to be summoned (even while you have another pet out). Their are several kinds of Agasions but they require a certain (as yet undisclosed) condition to summon them. While their for may seem rather frumpy, their evolved state resembles a sexy winged goddess.


Finally, if a pet is six levels higher than the summoner, the pet will receive an exp penalty. The exp isn't lost, but transfered to the summoner.
If a pet is 11 levels higher than it's summoner, the pet will receive extra exp.

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Pets now in Kamael
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