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 Skill Enchanments Changes

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PostSubject: Skill Enchanments Changes   Skill Enchanments Changes Icon_minitimeThu Jan 24, 2008 5:02 pm

Skill Enchantment Changes

When enchanting a skill you can now choose a safer route. By using Safe Skill Enchanting, you don't risk losing all of your added skill levels if the enchantment fails. However, you will need to use three times the amount of exp and SP that you would have to use for a normal skill enchant.

You also need to use a different book:

Book of Giants: Mastery Edition

Also in the 1st Throne, you will be able to change what you've enchanted your skill for. This isn't without risk, however. You have the possibility of losing up to 3 levels of enchantment when you do this.

This will also require a new book:

Book of Giants: Training Edition

Finally, you can also untrain a skill to restore some of your SP. This requires one last book:

Book of Giants: Oblivion Edition

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Skill Enchanments Changes
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